3D Castle Cake

3D Castle Cake Edinburgh

Based on "Castle Grayskull" from "He-Man, Masters of the Universe". Made from two tiers of cake and finished with an airbrush.

  • £110

Football Top Cake

football top cake

Get this Football top cake in your team colours with your name and number.

  • £75

Fire Engine Cake

Fire Engine Cake

Carved fire engine cake was 10"x7" and 5" tall. with fireman figure.

  • £115

Ninja Turtle Chibi Cake

Ninja Tutle Cake

Standing on one leg and holding twin sai. Vanilla sponge with jam and ganache, serves around 40.

  • £170

Poppy the Police Dog Cake

Police Dog Cake

This Police Dog cake has 10 layers of delicious lemon cake inside. Complete with her police badge and hat.

  • £200

Newspaper Stack Cake

Newspaper Cake

12'x7" tall cake, to look like a stack of local newspapers, with edible printed front page.

  • £105

Tortoise Cake

Tortoise Cake

A delicious 3 Tortoise cake. 7" Dome cake created for a special occasion.

  • £95

Have your likeness in a cake!

Your Likeness Cake

The ultimate show stopper! We can match your clothes, hair and eyes for your mini me Chibi cake. Callum was made as part of a celebration for a competition. His kilt is hand painted to match the Gordon tartan and each strand of hair was individually placed.

  • £250

Pokemon Pokeball Cake

Pokemon 3D Birthday Cake

8' round cake with a 6" poke ball on top serves 20-25. A perfect birthday surprise!

  • £90

Pug 3D Cake

Pug Dog Cake

This cake stood at 1.5feet high, and had 6 layers of cake inside. Airbrushed and hand painted.

  • £150

Xbox One Cake

Xbox Cake

A 10'x7" cake made in the style of the Xbox one. Perfect for any gamers birthday or special occasion.

  • £90

Minecraft Chibi Cake

Minecraft Cake

Its all about the squares! 6"x 6" chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache. his body was a tower of more chocolate cake. Each of the nearly 400 squares were cut by hand. Serves around 40

  • £190