No frills just flavour

Flavoured Cupcakes

All flavour complete with complimenting fillings and toppings.

  • From £1.50 each

Minnie Mouse Decorated Cupcakes

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

These adorable Minnie Mouse cupcakes not only look fantastic but taste amazing too.

  • From £2.50 each

Personalised Cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes

Whatever the occasion, Toots Sweet in Edinburgh will create the perfect cupcakes for your celebration.

  • From £2.50 each

Personalised Cupcake Toppers

Personalised Printed Cupcake Toppers

Have your cupcakes personalised with our printed toppers.

  • From £2.50 each (discount for bulk orders)

Graduation Cupcakes

Graduation Cupcakes

Fantastic graduation cupcakes each adorned with congratulatory school and university motifs.

  • From £2.50 each

Mini Cups - Bite Size Cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes

Mini cups are bite-sized delights. These little beauties make a great gift and can be sent in a muffin basket.

  • From £1 each

New Baby Cupcakes

New Baby Cupcakes

With hand-crafted sugar baby items adoring these delicious cupcakes these make a great gift for the mum to be!

  • From £2.50 each

Shamrock Cupcakes

St Patricks Day Shamrock Cupcakes

Celebrate St Patricks Day with these fantastic Shamrock Cupcakes.

  • £2.25 per cupcake (discounts for bulk orders)

Cheeky Chompers Cupcakes

Hippo Cupcakes

Created to celebrate a company's 4th Birthday, using their Hippo logo as a cupcake topper.

  • Prices start from £25

Cupcake Bouquets

Flower Cupcakes

7 cupcakes beautifully presented in a bouquet style.

  • Prices start from £25

Cute Panda Cupcakes

Cute Panda Cupcakes

These adorable panda cupcakes are perfect for any occasion including birthdays and office parties.

  • From £2.50 each